Password Reset, Accounts, and Security Access

Information regarding your Fresno State accounts, Passwords and Security access.

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Security Requests: Peoplesoft, EAB, OnBase

Security Requests for PeopleSoft, EAB, and OnBase


How to manage your Fresno State Password

VPN - Global Protect

Information regarding Global Protect, the VPN server used at Fresno State.

G Suite

Information regarding your Gmail, Calendar, Team Drives and other G Suite Applications.

Google Groups

Information regarding Fresno State Google Groups

Fresno State Box

Information regarding Fresno State Box

Remote Desktop Connection

Information regarding how to user Remote Desktop Connections.

MoveIT - CSU's Secure File Transfer System

Information on the CSU's Secure File Transfer System.

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Important information for new Alumni:

Information containing which accounts will remain active with Fresno State after graduation and which will be retired

Student Google Account Expiration

Email expiration policy