How to Sign-in to Zoom at Fresno State

How to Sign-in to Zoom at Fresno State

Outlined in the article are the steps to ensure that you are signing into your Fresno State

Zoom account correctly.


It is VERY important that you follow all of the steps and authenticate yourself properly. If you are

not properly authenticated to Fresno State's Zoom environment, you will not have access to the following features:


                             - Increased Meeting Capacities

                             - Unlimited Meeting Duration

                             - Hosting Webinars / Live Streaming

                             - Proper Integration with Google Calendar

                             - Secure Campus-Wide Instant Messaging

                             - Cloud Recording

                             - Telephone Audio Conferencing




STEP 1 - Begin by fully closing all web browsers. If possible, rebooting your computer is the best option.


STEP 2 - You will now need to determine the "Default" browser for the operating system/computer or mobile device you are using.



Click on Start > Settings > APPS. Choose Default APPS, from the list on the left then scroll down to Web browser. Note the Default Browser listed or change it if you want to set a different one.



Navigate to the Apple menu in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, then select System Preferences. Once System Preferences has loaded, Select the General category.

Find the “Default web browser” section.



If you are using an Apple device with iOS 13 or older, your default browser will be Safari.


If you have an Apple device with iOS 14 or newer you will need to check which browser has been set to default ONLY if you have installed an additional web browser and set it as the default besides Safari.


Open your iOS Settings. Scroll down to the entry for the browser you installed and want to become the default. Select the browser and then scan down the Allow Access section until you find the Default Browser App option. Verify that you have chosen the browser as the default from the list presented.



Open Settings on your Android Device. Select Apps, You should see a drop-down menu, with an option for Default apps. Select Browser app. On the Browser app page, verify which browser is set as the default web browser.



STEP 3 - Now that you have determined the default browser, use that browser to sign in to the Fresno State Campus Zoom Portal (


STEP 4 - Once you have signed in to the Campus Portal via your default web browser, you will now run the Zoom software client. If you do not have the Zoom client software already installed; you will need to proceed with one of the 2 following options:



If you have a state owned/managed device, then you should contact your college or division IT Liaison directly or by submitting a TDX Ticket to have the software installed.



If you have a device you own, then proceed to and select the correct version of the Zoom client for your installed operating system.


STEP 5 - After you have the Zoom software client running, It is VERY important that the client is signed into the Zoom software client using the "SSO" option as well.


                              5a. Click Sign In with SSO.

                              5b. Enter "fresnostate" for the company domain and click Continue.


You will now be redirected to your "default" browser and will be issued an "SSO Token" for the Zoom Desktop Client; this is what allows you to host and attend zoom meetings as an authenticated Fresno State user.

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