Online Password Reset


  1. Once your Web Browser is open please type in this address without quotes, "" into your web browser address bar, or you can click the link provided.



  1. Once you type in the web address into your web browser you will be directed to the Fresno State password reset page. Once on the page please click the blue button stating “Once you have read the information above, click here to change your password”.

Please Note: Before changing your password , if you have any secondary devices, ie Mac laptops, Ipad, Mobile phone et, to delete or reset any existing passwords.



  1. Once you click the button you be taken to a new page. On this new page you will be asked for your Username and current Password. Please fill out both boxes then click Sign In.



  1. Once signed in you will be prompted to create a new password then confirm the new password in the second box. Also, please look to the right for password security requirements. Once a password that meets the security requirements is created you will be able to click the Change Password button.  




  1. After the password has been changed you should see the following page below. You have now successfully created your new password. Again, please remember to update your secondary devices.


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