Transferring or Downloading Fresno State Gmail and Google Drive

Option 1: Export your Data with Google Takeout

Below steps are to download your Fresno State Google Drive to a zipped folder to your computer or external drive.

  1. Google Takeout Allows you to export data from all Gsuite apps
  2. Navigate to the Google Takeout page at

  3.  Choose the app(s) you would like to export by selecting the blue "check" next to it

    Choose Apps

  4. Choose "Next step"

  5. Choose your preferred Delivery Method, Frequency, File Type and Size. Click on "Create Export"

    Choose options

  6. You will now be able to download your selected data


  7. For advice or recomendations uploading and using your Google Data with varoius services, see Google's FAQ and resource page for Google Takeout Here.

Option 2: Transfer copies of Email and Google Drive to a new account

The steps below are for migrating your Fresno State account (Gmail/Google Drive) to a personal account. 

Notes for before beginning transfer process:

  • You must transfer to a google account (make sure account exists before starting process)
  • You MUST use two separate browsers (any two of Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox) to prevent transfer errors. For example, FresnoState Google account in Safari and personal Google account in Chrome.  
  • If you have trouble transferring large quantities of data .edu drive to personal one, we recommend using google takeout tool above. 
  1. Navigate to your Fresno State Gmail account.
  2. Select your google image in the upper righthand corner.

  3. In the below window, select "Manage your Google Account"

  4. On the next screen, select "Start Transfer"

  5. Enter the destination email (your personal email), and then select "Send Code".

  6. Check your personal email account for confirmation code email. Select "Get confirmation code"

  7. Enter the code and select "Verify"

  8. Verify that the email addresses are accurate and select "Start Transfer"

  9. You will be directed to the page below. Select "View History" to track progress of the transfer. To view history later, on your Fresno State Email account, navigate to


Note upon completion:

  • It may take up to a week for the transfer to complete
  • You cannot cancel transfer once it begins
  • You cannot start a new transfer until the current transfer completes
  • You will recieve an email to your personal account when the transfer is complete 

For Questions or Clarifications about the information above, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 559-278-5000.


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