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Adobe Creative Cloud + Video

Information on how to install Adobe Creative Cloud

Apporto - Performance Tips

Performance Tips provided by Apporto

Apporto - Quick Start Tour Guide - Video

A guide to Appoorto Orientation

Apporto - Resource Index Page

A guide to Apporto Resource Index

Apporto - Virtual Computer Lab: Available Apps

Keep up to date with which programs are available and which are coming soon.

Apporto - Virtual Computer Lab: Quick Start Guide

A guide to get started quickly with Apporto

Microsoft Office 365 for Students

This article will show you how to create your Fresno State's Office 365 account

MS O365 - Error: "Your account doesn't allow editing on a mac."

Solution to the "Your account doesn't allow editing on a mac. To learn more, contact your Admin about your office plan." error. This solution will only be viable if you have already confirmed you have a license applied to your account.

Web Browsers - Disable Pop Up Blockers in Commonly used Browsers

Skillport and CSULearn have identified a bug which will occasionally not start a test or not give credit for a completed test. To avoid this, disable the built in pop-up blocker in your web browser for the testing sites. This article provides instructions to disable your browser from blocking popups on these pages.