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G Suite - How to Setup Email Filters - VIDEO

How to Setup Email Filters in Gmail ... g-suite

G Suite - Subscribe To a Private Google Calendar- VIDEO

How to Subscribe To a Private Google Calendar

G Suite - Manage Your Calendar Permissions - VIDEO

G Suite - How to create or access your Team Drive + Video

g-suite ... G Suite how to access your Team Drive or How to create your Team Drive   1.       Open up your Web-Browser, google chrome is preferred.     2.       Once you have opened your Web

What privacy and security will Google provide to CSU Faculty, Staff, and Students?

g-suite ... Security, specifically for education. Detailed Terms of Service agreements for G Suite: Education (Online) Agreement Education Privacy Notice Acceptable Use Policy

Transferring or Downloading Fresno State Gmail and Google Drive

Instructions to transfer or export your data contained in Fresno State Google Suite ... google ... Option 1: Export your Data with Google Takeout Below steps are to download your Fresno State Google Drive to a zipped folder to your computer or external drive. Google Takeout Allows you to

Important information for new Alumni:

Information containing which accounts will remain active with Fresno State after graduation and which will be retired ... google ... graduation Note: For assistance with backing up or transferring your G-Suite Data - See our Knowledge Base Article Fresno State Box - Your Fresno State box account with unlimited storage will

Box at Fresno State

Account or Login to Box My Box Story William G. Hardaway, Academic Support Coordinator "In the Learning Center we created a Study Drive for students, which is a folder packed with useful

KB For uninitiated PW reset with screenshots

not remember resetting the password, please read the suggestions below to help your resolve this matter. You may also give the Technology Service Desk a call at 559-278-5000. The Technology Service

How to play your Zoom Phone ringtone through both headset and speakers simultaneously - Video

Please View Video below on how to play your Zoom Phone ring tone through both headset and speakers simultaneously

Zoom Phone Location Services - Windows

Zoom app on your desktop or mobile device. Navigate to Settings (gear icon in the upper right and select it): From Settings, locate Phone in the left sidebar and select it. On the

Zoom Phone Location Services - Mac

next to Once the Zoom app location permission has been given access, you will see in the Zoom Phone settings that you were successful in granting Zoom Location

How to prepare for the Zoom Phone transition

Please see the link below to view information regarding how to best prepare for the Zoom Phone Transition.   Zoom Phone Transition information

Record Grades

Documentation related to Recording Grades ... grades ... Record Grades For information on grade symbols and grade points, click here to view policy in catalog. Log into My Fresno State.   Click on the Faculty Self Service

MS O365 - Error: "Your account doesn't allow editing on a mac."

computer: Sign out account and Quit Office apps. Open finder Click "go" on the top menu bar Go to folder Input the following path: ~/library/Group Containers to open Group Containers