Student Google Account Expiration

Email Expiration

  • Your Fresno State Google account (Gmail, Drive, Calendar, etc) will be deactivated 1 year after last active enrollment or one year after Graduation from Fresno State.
  • You will be notified two times before your account is deactivated.
  • Your account will be permanently deleted 1 year after deactivation. Once your account is deleted, we cannot recover data from your Google account.


There are exceptions to student email deactivations.

  • Current university employee
  • Current applicant for another school program (grad school, credentials, etc.)
  • Current student

Things You Should Do

  • Change your email address for any accounts you use with your Fresno State email address for such as banking, Netflix, Amazon, gaming or other online accounts.
  • Setup email forwarding on your Fresno State Gmail account to your personal email account (will only work until your account is deactivated)
  • Setup an auto-reply on your Fresno State Gmail account to notify people that you are leaving Fresno State (will only work until your account is deactivated).
  • Use the Google Transfer tool to transfer your emails and Google Drive to a personal Gmail.
  • Update your information with the alumni association to stay connected.

Need your email reactivated?

If you are returning to Fresno State as a student, staff, or faculty - please submit an email reactivation request. for your Fresno State Gmail.

Please note:

  • If your email was deactivated but not yet deleted, it will be fully recovered.
  • If your email has been deleted, a new email with your original username will be created.
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