Global Protect - VPN - IOS

This knowledge Base article is about connecting your IOS device to Fresno State VPN service through Global Protect.

1.    On your IOS device please open up the App Store. Once the App store is open please type in “Global Protect” in the search bar. Then select “Global Protect”.



2.    You have now be taken to the App Search results page. You will now Select Global Protect then click on the Get button.



3.    A window will now Popup asking you if you want to install the application. You will select the install button. 



4.    After the application is finished installing you will now be taken back to the App Store. Once you are back in the App Store you will click on the open button for the Global Protect.



5.    Once you click on the open button your IOS device will start running Global Protect. When the app first opens up you may be prompted by a message like “’Global Protect’ Would Like to Send You Notifications” you will click on the Allow button.



6.    After you click the Allow button you will be asked for an Address. The address that you will put in will be You will the click connect.



7.    After putting in the address and clicking connect you will now be asked for your Username and Password. This will be your Active Directory Username and Password. In most cases this will be the same username and password that you will user for your account and your account.



8.    After you put in your Username and password you will now see a new button. Please click on the sign in button.




9.    If all the steps have been completed correctly you should see the image below. If you see the image below this means that you are now connected to the Global Protect VPN.

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