Zoom: Suggested FERPA disclaimer for recordings

Suggested FERPA disclaimer for recordings:

Any time that a class session is recorded during the COVID-19-related Remote Instruction Period, students will be notified. If students do not want their likeness during class participation included in the recorded class session, they may elect to not participate via video recordings. Recordings will be available for viewing during the Remote Instruction Period subject to the following:

  • Only students enrolled in the subject class during the Remote Instruction Period may view the recording.
  • Students may not post or use the recordings in any other setting (e.g., social media) for any purpose. Students who violate this will be subject to student discipline, up to and including expulsion.
  • Federal and California law as well as University policies protecting intellectual property rights and use of instructional materials (including any recordings of class sessions) remain in effect during the Remote Instruction Period.
  • If faculty have any plan to use the recording for a different class in the future, the faculty member will need written FERPA consent from those students in the current class who are identifiable in any of the recordings. A FERPA consent form signed by all students in the course will also be needed if the recordings are made available to others beyond the classroom on a non secure digital platform.



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Thu 4/16/20 2:14 PM
Thu 4/16/20 2:14 PM