My.FresnoState, PeopleSoft, and 3rd party integrations

Services (6)

Additional Enterprise Software Support

Integration and support of campus wide, third party, external, and vendor systems, primarily in relation to PeopleSoft.

Adobe Sign Support

Request a new Adobe Sign account or support for an Adobe Sign issue.

Security access for PeopleSoft, EAB, and OnBase

Security access to PeopleSoft pages and reports, EAB (Advising Software), and OnBase scanned documents.

Transact Support

Transact is an on-campus payment solution that allows money to be loaded onto a student’s Bulldog card. It also manages access to certain electronic locks.

uAchieve Degree Audit (Degree Progress Report)

The Degree Progress Report (DPR) shows a student's progress in a chosen degree program, using courses taken at Fresno State and at transfer institutions.