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Uninitiated Password Resets

Uninitiated Password reset for Fresno State email and Fresno State accounts.


If you have received an email stating that your password has been reset but you do not remember resetting the password, please read the suggestions below to help your resolve this matter.

You may also give the Technology Service Desk a call at 559-278-5000. The Technology Service Desk is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm.

If it is after business hours please follow the suggestions below.


Resetting your password using your security questions.

1.       Go to https://idm.fresnostate.edu/pwreset/index.php

2.       Click on the blue button “once you have read the information above, click here to change your password.”

3.       Select the Forgot Password option located under the Sign In button.

4.       You will then be asked for your Username and Fresno State ID.  Your Fresno State ID number is located on the back of your Fresno State ID card.

5.       After entering in your Username and Fresno State ID press the continue button

6.       You will then be asked your security question. If you can answer your security questions you will then be prompted to reset your password.

7.       If you are unable to reset your password using your security questions an answer and or if your account does not have a security questions setup you may email techservicedesk@mail.fresnostate.edu asking for assistance.


What to do after resetting your password.

After resetting your password there are still a few steps that we suggest you take to secure your Fresno State account.

1.       Change your Secret Questions at idm.fresnostate.edu/questions/

a.       To change your Secret Questions please login with your Username and password.

b.       Select three Secret questions and fill out their answers then click submit.

2.       Verifying that no third part devices are accessing your Fresno State email account.

a.       Log into your Fresno State email account using the website mail.fresnostate.edu

b.       Click on the Google Account button located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

c.       Select “Manage your Google Account”

d.       Select “Security” option located on the left-hand side of your screen.

e.       Scroll down to “Your devices” then select “Manage Devices”

f.        You will now be show a list of devices that have access or are still accessing your Fresno State email account.

g.       If there are any devices that you do not recognize select the three-bullet point on the upper right-hand and select Sign out.


After completing all the steps above we recommend enrolling your account into our Duo two-factor authentication system. More information regarding Duo can be found in the link below.





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