Duo and Global Protect - VPN - Windows

This knowledge base article is about connecting your Windows device to the Fresno State VPN service using Global Protect.

If you already have GlobalProtect installed proceed to step 5 - Using Global Protect

  1.  Open your Web-Browser and navigate to https://vpn.csufresno.edu. Once you are on the webpage you will log in using your Fresno State Username and Password. This is the same Username and password that you use to log into your Fresno State computer or laptop.














  1.  Once logged in you will now be asked what version of Global Protect you want to download.  For Windows computers you can select one of the two options, Windows 32 bit GlobalProtect agent, or Windows 64 bit GlobalProtect agent. The majority of Windows computers will be using the 64 bit GlobalProtect agent.

If you do not know what version of Windows you are running you may call the Service Desk at 559-278-5000 for more help.



  1. Once you click on the link the download dialog box will pop up. This download dialog may look different depending on the browser used and operating system. 
    1.  Choose your preferred download location. "downloads" is the windows default location.
    2.  Use the default file name or rename to something you prefer.
    3.  Click the save button to begin the download.




  1.  Install Global Protect

Once the download completes, navigate to the download location and double click the global protect file to begin the install process.



    Click "NEXT" after the install welcome dialog box pop up to continue the install.



The "install location folder" dialog box will prompt for the install location to be used. The default location given is fine and does not need to be changed unless you want Global Protect installed in an different location or on a different hard drive.

Click Next to continue.



The installer will prompt once more for verification of the install location.

Click Next to continue the install process.

The install should not take very long.



Once the install has completed you will be presented with a completion dialog box.

Click close to complete the install.



  1. Using Global Protect

You should see a small "globe" on the bottom right of your desktop near the clock. Clicking this globe will present you with the Global Protect connection application as shown in the screen shot below.

Enter the following portal address without quotes, "vpn.csufresno.edu", and click connect.

1.       You have now installed Global Protect. To start up Global protect you will click on the world icon on your Mac mebu bar. In the Global Protect window enter the portal address vpn.csufresno.edu. (click on any image below for an enlarged version)


Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

2.       Click Connect and then you will see...


Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


 3.      Click I agree to get into Campus Login Services


Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


4.       A sign in pop-up should appear prompting for usrename and password

           Enter your computer login and password (same credentials used to log into your computer)

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

5.       Use duo window to verify your identity

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


6.       You should now be connected to VPN. 

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Again, please ensure you have a solid internet connection prior to attempting to connect to the VPN.

To disconnect, open the Global Protect app and click disconnect as shown above 

....if you would like a hard copy of the above, click the following link  




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