Zoom Best Practices for Faculty and Staff

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Zoom: Best Practices for Faculty and Staff

    Send meeting invitations directly to participants via email or posted in Canvas, not on website postings or in social media promotions.

      Turn ON the “waiting room” feature; for virtual classrooms, display a FERPA disclaimer five (5) minutes prior to the start of class.

      Turn ON “set a password” for all meetings/sessions/classes/recordings.

      Turn ON the ability to keep removed participants from rejoining a meeting.

      Turn ON the ability to “mute individual participants” and “mute all.”

    Turn ON the Authentication Option for meetings/sessions/classes, when appropriate. With authentication, your attendees also need to sign in to Zoom and be verified as a valid Zoom user, and in some cases, a host can require that an attendee sign in as a validated Fresno State Zoom user.

      Turn OFF the ability for participants to record sessions for virtual classrooms.

      Turn OFF “private chat” for virtual classrooms.

      Turn OFF the ability for participants to “save chat” for virtual classrooms.

      Add a recording disclaimer to every recorded meeting. In addition, please announce your intentions to record a session to all attendees at the start of the meeting. 


QUICK TIP: How to Remove a Participant from a Zoom Meeting or Webinar - If you have already begun a session and find an unwanted attendee has joined, please follow these steps:

      If the Participants panel is not visible, click Manage Participants at the bottom.

      Next to the person you want to remove, click More.

      From the list that appears, click Remove.


Zoom has also recently added a new Security Icon Option to assist hosts in managing their meetings.


How Can I Report a Zoom-bombing Incident?

      Illegal activity should be reported to the Fresno State Police Department immediately by calling 559.278.8400

      Disruptions or uninvited guests should be reported to Technology Services by calling the Service Desk at 559.278.5000


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