Eduroam - Connect to Eduroam on a Mac device.

Knowledge Base for Connecting Eduroam for Mac

  1. Left click the Wireless Icon in the upper right hand  corner of your screen.


  1. Once you click on the Wireless Icon you will first select the Bulldogs network


  1. Once you are connected to the Bulldogs network you will open up your Safari Web-Browser.


  1. Once Safari is opened you will Type in into the address bar


  1. Once you type in you should be taken to a webpage called Once on that page you will click the link “If you need to configure your device to Eduroam: click here”


  1. The next Webpage it will take you too will be where you will download the dissolvable Agent. Once on this page make sure that you have “Configure via dissolvable Agent (configure and connect)” selected. Once that is it is selected you will click JoinNow.


  1. You will then see the application start to download in the upper right hand corner of you screen.


  1. Once the application is downloaded you will click on the download icon to open the application. You will open the application by double clicking on the “WiFi_JoinNow_Wrapper.dmg” icon.


  1. Once you open the icon you will see a new window with another icon called Secure W2. You will again double click on the Secure W2 icon to start running the application.



  1. Once you open the application you will be asked if you want to open the application. You will click on the open button.


  1. Once you click the open button a new window will appear. In this window it will ask you for a Username and password. Your username will be your and you password will be the same password that you use to log into my.fresnostate or mail.fresnostate. Once you fill out the username and password you will then click next.

  1. After clicking next a new window will appear that will ask you if you want the WiFi_JoinNow_Wrapper wants to make changes. It will then ask for your username and password again. The username should admittedly be filled out and the Password will be your Apple password. After filling that out you will click ok.  

  1. If everything has been done correctly you should see this window. In this window you will see the blue bar next to Joined. Once you see that can now click Done. You will now be connected to Eduroam.


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