Eduroam - Disconnect from Eduroam on a Mac device.

Knowledge Base for Disconnecting Eduroam from Mac

  1. On you Mac computer please go to the Upper Left Hand corner of the screen and click the Apple button.

  1. Once you click on the Apple button you will then select System Preferences.

  1. Once in System Preferences you will select the Icon called Profiles

















  1. Once in Profiles you will select the Device Profile called California State University. Once you select that profile you will click the minus symbol in the left hand corner.

  1. Once you click the minus symbol you will confirm the removal by clicking Remove.
















  1. Once you click Remove you will then be prompted for a Username and Password to remove the profile. Your Username will automatically be filled out and the Password required to remove the profile will be your Apple password. After filling out the Username and password you will click ok. You have now removed the Eduroam Profile

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