Connect to Eduroam on an IOS device.

If you had Eduroam installed previously and reset your password, do this first:

  • Open Settings APP, General→VPN & Device Management

  • Tap on the C.S.U.F. Eduroam MobileConfig profile

  • Tap Remove Profile located on the bottom

  • Enter your phone's passcode when prompted

If this is the first time setting up Eduroam:

  • In your phone's setting APP, select wifibulldogs
  • Open Safari and navigate to or a random site such as 

NOTE: You will be redirected to the Bulldog login page. DO NOT SIGN IN

This should connect you to the wireless set up page
If not, go to

  • Under the login, look for If you need to configure your device for eduroam click here

  • Enter your full email address ending in and password

  • You will be prompted to download a configuration profile, select Allow

  • Open the Settings APP on your phone

  • There will be a new entry at the top of your settings, select Profile Downloaded

  • This will open the your Profiles Menu, select the Eduroam Profile

  • Select Install in the Top Left Corner

  • Enter your phone passcode when prompted

  • Return to your wifi settings. Verify that you are now connected to eduroam.

  • If you are still having issues connecting to Eduroam, please call the Technology Service Desk during business hours at 278-5000 for assistance



NOTE: Below, is information for connecting legacy devices

  1. Please click on the setting option of your Iphone or Ipad

  1. Once in setting please click on the options Wi-Fi

  1. Once in Wi-Fi please click on the Bulldogs network.

  1. Once the Bulldogs network is connected please go back to your Home Screen on your Ipad/Iphone then open up Safari Web Browser.

  1. Once Safari is opened please go to and it should take you to the page below called the Bulldogs sign in page

  1. Once you are on the Bulldogs Sign on Page we are going to click the link If you need to configure your device for ‘Eduroam’ Click Here

  1. You will then be directed to the webpage asking you for a username. For this username it will be your Fresno State email address. once you fill out your username you will click JoinNow. (Please note: In newer IOS versions you will now only need your username and password.)

  1. Once you click Join Now you will see the following popups you will click Allow on all the Popups


  1. Once the Profile is Downloaded you will be asked to go back to your setting app on your Iphone/Ipad

  1. Once in setting at the top of the window, you will see a new line called "Profile Downloaded". Click this line to open:



  1. Click on Install when you are prompted to install the new profile, you may be prompted for your devices numeric unlock code.



  1. You will then be promoted for your Fresno State password, this is the same password that you use to log into or Once you enter your password you will then click next.



  1. Once you have installed your profile go back to setting and then click Wifi. You should see a blue checkmark next to Eduroam. Once you see that checkmark next to Eduroam your Ipad, Iphone is now configured to the network.

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