Windows Updates and Restart Behavior Policy

Device Updates and Reboots Behavior:

  1. On the 3rd Tuesday of each month a computer prompt will notify staff that updates are available for their device as an optional install via Software Center. At this time, employees may choose to install these updates at a convenient time of their choosing. Some device updates require a reboot, so installing them at an optimal time will reduce any unwanted interruptions.

  2. By the following Saturday Deadline, a final computer prompt will notify staff to apply needed updates. Updates not already installed will now become mandatory and begin to install via the Software Center. If your device is offline, updates will install at the next opportunity your device is online and able to receive the information. If required, a prompt will immediately trigger a reboot after the install is complete, which may not be convenient for the user.  


  3. All security update reboots that have not already been installed will have a 60-minute prompt, allowing staff to delay the reboot for up to 60 minutes. Once the reboot delay period has expired, Software Center will automatically restart the device.



How to Self-Update

  1. Open Software Center by searching "Software Center" in the windows search box:

  2. From Software Center choose "Updates" to view all available updates
  3. Choose which updates you wish to install, or, select "Install All" to install all required updates

  4. Once software has finished installing and any required reboots have taken place, Congratulations you are done! Your computer is now up to date with the latest software 

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