Fresno State - Telemarketing Program

Fresno State’s telemarketing partner is the company, Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL). RNL callers make calls to Fresno State alumni, parents and friends (call recipients) between August – May every year, asking them for an annual donation to support the university and Fresno State students.

The caller ID number that comes up when RNL calls is 559.278.1867.

Cell phones who are able to receive visual caller ID (Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T) will see this when RNL calls

Part of establishing rapport with alumni is talking about their major, graduation year, confirming biographical information, etc. The callers also use a script that contains highlights about the university and about the schools, colleges, the division of student affairs, the library and various campus programs.

If the call recipient has donated in the past, the caller will ask for another donation at a slightly higher amount than their last donation. If the call recipient has never donated to Fresno State the caller will weave three donation requests into the script, the first for $100, the second $75, and the third for $52. 

If there are concerns or questions about the telemarketing program, contact Patricia O’Connor, Director of Annual Giving, phone 559.278.7392 or email



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