Adding Authentication Exceptions for Zoom Meetings

Adding Authentication Exceptions for Zoom Meetings


If you have an individual event that requires no more than 5 outside attendees, you can adjust the authentication requirements by using the “Authentication Exception” list. This is useful for inviting guest lecturers or service providers, such as captioners or interpreters, without reducing the security of your meeting.



It is the expectation that all meetings will have authentication enabled. Meetings that need 5 or more outside users should follow the following Knowledge Base article: Managing Authentication for Large Public Zoom Events


By disabling the authentication requirements for a given event you are allowing users outside of Fresno State to join your meeting. Please consider using the Waiting Room option and/or the Meeting Password option to prevent unwanted participants from interrupting your Zoom meetings.



Authentication exceptions can be added to an event from your Zoom Meetings page, available when you login into your profile via the Campus Zoom Portal ( option is also available when scheduling via the Zoom software client.


STEP 1 - While scheduling a meeting or editing an existing one, locate the “Require authentication to join” option. This setting is enabled by default for all Fresno State users.


NOTE:  To manage authentication exceptions for recurring meetings, be sure to edit “All” meetings. It is not currently possible to add an exception to a single occurrence. Once the meeting has finished, you can remove the exception to revoke the guest’s access.


STEP 2 - Click “Add” to the right of “Authentication Exception.” 

Screenshot of option for adding authentication exception


STEP 3 - Enter the name and email of your external guest. Continue adding additional participants as necessary.


STEP 4 - Click “Save,” then save your meeting settings.


After saving your meeting, your invited participants will receive a special email with a unique meeting link. When it’s time for the meeting, your guests can use this link to enter without authenticating.


An example email is pictured below. Hosts can resend this email or rescind an invitation at any time by editing their meeting via the Fresno State Zoom portal or via the Zoom software client.


Invited guests will still be subject to your waiting room requirements, as applicable. If you require registration to attend your meeting, they will not need to register. Should they try to register, they will see the following message:


“You have been already invited by the host, please check your mailbox for the invite.”


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