Find and view your submitted tickets

NOTE: You must be signed into TeamDynamix when the ticket is submitted in order for it to show up in this location!! If you cannot find your ticket, please call the Serivce Desk at 559 278 5000.

  1. Navigate to and Sign-In

  2. Choose 'View My Tickets'

  3. By Default, you will see your open tickets tickets only

  4. There are several fields you can use to refine the tickets that show up in your results

  5. Once you find the ticket you are looking for, Click on the title to see the ticket details

  6. From ticket details, you can see any updates on the request, as well as who has read the ticket
  7. From ticket details, you can 'Withdraw Request' and 'Add Attachments'

  8. To contact the technician assisting with your request, choose 'Comment'

  9. If you would like to view another ticket, click 'Ticket Requests' to get back to your submitted tickets


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