Eduroam - Connect to Eduroam on a Android Device.

Eduroam - Connect to Eduroam on an Android Device.

  1. Click on the Settings app.


  1. Click on Wi-Fi.


  1. Select Eduroam.


  1. Select Connect to Network.


  1. Select TTLS for the EAP Method.


  1. Select PAP for the Phase 2 Authentication.


  1. In CA Certificate choose: "Use system Certificates" and domain: ""

    NOTE: If "use system certificates" is not available choose "do not validate" and leave domain blank.
  2. Enter your full email address in the Identity field. Enter [enterusername]


  1. Enter your email password in the Password field.


  1. Click on Save.


  1. You will get a confirmation screen showing that you are connected to Eduroam.


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