Search the Class Schedule

Search the Class Schedule

To search for General Education or Capstone classes, go to these instructions.

1.    Log into My Fresno State.



2.    Under "My Menu" on the left hand side, click on Faculty Self Service .



3.    Click the Advisement link. 



4.    Click on the Class Search tab. 

My Fresno State Class Search Select Institution And Term Image



5.    Enter the appropriate term and click Go.



6.    This is the Class Search screen. To find a course subject like English or Geology, click on the Select Subject button. 

My Fresno State Select Subject Image 



7.    This is the Course Subject Lookup screen. For our example, click on the E to find English. Click on theSelect button to select English. 

My Fresno State Course Subject Lookup Image 



8.    If you wish to utilize the Course Number field, there are four ways to use it. If you know the course number, set the drop-down menu to "is exactly" and enter the course number. If you want a list of upper-division classes, set the drop-down menu to "greater than or equal to" and type 100 in the number field (since all upper division classes are in the hundreds.) You can also choose to leave the course number blank. 

My Fresno State Class Search Criteria Image



9.    It is best to use the Course Career field to get a wider sample of available classes. To view all the undergraduate classes, select "Undergraduate".

My Fresno State Class Search Criteria Course Career Image



10.  For our example, this screen should give you a list of all undergraduate English courses. Click the Searchbutton. 

My Fresno State Class Search Criteria Image



11.  Classes will be listed from lowest to highest. The class number is found in the parentheses of the Sectionfield. 

My Fresno State Classes Image 



12.  A green circle means that the class is open. A blue square means that the class is closed. 

My Fresno State Open/Closed Indicator Image


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