TeamDynamix FAQ

  • What Is It?
  • TeamDynamix or TDX is our ticketing system used to track Projects as well as issues incidents
  • TDX has enabled Technology Services to better foster campus partnerships emphasizing a commitment to helpful and proactive service, transparency, responsiveness, and continuous improvement
  • Please see video link for more info. "Video Here"


  • Key Goals Using TDX:
  • To improve our service delivery and customer service
  • To communicate clearly the types of tools and services offered to the campus community
  • To create and publish a comprehensive service catalog listing all the services offered and how to request or receive services
  • To organize our list of services in a more intuitive and informative way
  • To empower users to be more self-sufficient


  • Key features include:
  • A Service Catalog that provides information about each Service
  • Customized forms to collect service-specific information
  • Requests are assigned directly to the technicians responsible for providing services
  • Enhanced reporting and analysis capability
  • Self-service capability (see Knowledgebase below)
  • Improved user interface and experience (UX)
  • Ability to initiate a service request
  • Ability to check on the status of your service request
  • Knowledgebase (KB Articles) relating to IT Services
  • Powerful search functionality 


  • Continued Growth:
  • Expand our self-service knowledgebase
  • Continue to expand the service offerings to better support you
  • Publish support metrics for better transparency


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