TFA - Manager/VP User Guide

How to Login to OnBase Web Client

1.       Go to the OnBase Web Client link

NOTE:  Make sure the browser pop-up are not blocked.

2.       Type your Fresno State username and password, click the Login button. Duo Security authentication will be required if you have not logged into OnBase using the current browser.





How to Take Action on a Trust Fund Approval (TFA)

1.       Go to Home page, click on the dropdown menu button at the top navigation bar.

2.       A side panel will expand. Click Open Status View.



3.       A new window will display, under the Group Layouts the default will be to Fresno State status view. A side window will display and under My Workitems, this will display all the items that you will need to approve.  Find the ACCT – Trust Fund Approval Processing and Double click.

a.       A new window with the work flow queues will display.

b.       The following actions can be taken as the Fiscal Responsible Manager or VP/Provost:

·   Click on the Approve and Transition to VP/Provost – This ad hoc task will forward the request to the Department’s VP/Provost to review.

·   Deny/Cancel – This ad hoc task will allow you to deny the request. A comment will be required when a request is Deny and Cancel. Enter the comment and then click on the “Submit” button or Click on “Cancel” button to go back to the workflow.

·   Email PDF Copy  – This adhoc task will send you a pdf copy of the form.


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