Personal and Professional Development through Linkedin Learning

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The Fresno County Public Library (FCPL) offers access to for individuals with a current library card. You can obtain a library card for access to digital resources at the Fresno County Library website.

If you experience difficulty accessing after registering online with FCPL, please contact them by phone at 600-READ (7323).

Faculty, please be advised that access to via the Fresno County Library does not coordinate with Canvas, Fresno State’s Learning Management System. You will want to consider alternative methods of coordinating learning materials for your courses if you implement teaching tools via Please contact the Center for Faculty Excellence for additional information and resources. 

Will our students have access to LinkedIn Learning through the Fresno County Public Library? 

Students with a current FCPL card will have access to LinkedIn Learning in the same way that faculty do. Students without a Fresno County address will be unable to access through FCPL. While their local public library may provide access, this is not guaranteed. We are currently exploring options to provide access for these students.

Fresno State continues to offer a variety of resources that support a productive learning environment, professional development and opportunities for learning and growth.   


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