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The Financial Signature Authorization form is used to add or remove authorized approvers for purchase requisitions, direct pays, invoices, petty cash requests, journal entries (TOES), payroll transfer forms (TOPS), and travel applications and expense claims.


The form needs to completed, printed, and submitted. The printed form needs to be signed by the approval signers and sent to the contact information below.

The electronic form will be routed electronically for approvals from the Dean/Director for the department, and the Vice President/Provost the department is under. It will be then sent to Purchasing who will await the printed form to scan.

Form Information:

The form prints a new or amended version of the signature form based on the information selected.

Contact Information for this form:

Mail Stop JA 111
Phone - (559) 278-2111
Fax - (559) 278-4398


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