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Performance Tips from Apporto

This knowledge base article is about performance tips that are provided by Apporto. These tips include; performance speed, launching an app, and cloud storage.


To ensure optimal Apporto performance we wanted to share a couple tips: 

For more information about recommended network speeds and using the cloud monitor, please refer to the Apporto Help Center. 

  • Using a high bandwidth, low latency network connection is the most important thing you can do to ensure optimal performance in Apporto
    • Cabled connections are recommended for graphics-intensive apps like SolidWorks, Unreal Engine, Premiere, etc.  (Hard core gamers prefer cabled connections to wifi, because latency is up to 10x lower!
    • Using a smartphone as a hotspot is NOT recommended
    • Save work frequently if your network connection is not reliable - and be sure to save to the Desktop or Documents so files are persisted even if the session is disconnected due to a poor network 
    • When using the Cloud Mounter to access files from cloud storage services, like OneDrive and Google Drive, copy large files to Apporto (for example, by dragging files onto the desktop) before working with them


Please see the two useful articles on the Cloud Mounter and Launching an App

Launching an App

Cloud Mounter guide

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