Setting Up and Accessing Voicemail Documentation

Setting Up and Accessing Voicemail

  1. To set up your MAIL BOX dial 86400.  You will be asked for your SECURITY CODE which is 258000.
  2. You will be walked through step by step in order to create a SECURITY CODE, your NAME and your personal GREETING in your own voice.
  3. SECURITY CODE, NAME and GREETING can be changed at any time.
  4. SECURITY CODE - 6 to 15 Digits you can remember
  5. NAME and GREETING can be Reviewed, Discarded, or Re-recorded

If you have a blinking message light on your phone.....

  1. Check your old voicemail messages by dialing 86464

Activating Voicemail (if calls are not going to voicemail after 6-8 rings)

  1. If your calls are ringing 6 to 8 times and not going to Voicemail, press *4200 to activate your Voicemail.

Access Voicemail On Campus

  1. From your Extension, dial the Voice Mail Pilot Number (86400) and enter your SECURITY CODE when prompted
  2. FOR HELP  Press # at any time to review all of the menu options once in your voicemail box.

Access Voicemail Off Campus or from another extension

  1. Dial the Main Number or Access number (559) 278-6400 (or 86400 from another extension)
  2. When Auto Attendant answers press #
  3. Enter your MAIL BOX when prompted (8-xxxx)
  4. Enter your SECURITY CODE when prompted

Access Voicemail with Multiple Mailboxes

  1. Dial 86400 or 278-6400 from off campus
  2. Press * and then # when you hear the greeting
  3. Enter your MAILBOX when prompted, then Enter your SECURITY CODE when prompted

Accessing Old Voicemail System      

  1. From your Extension Dial the Voice Mail Number (86464 or 278-6464 from off campus) and enter your old voicemail password when prompted
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