Submitting an IT Request Guide



TeamDynamix is a web-based project management solution that is used to track projects and allow for easy reporting on project status. Clients are also able to access TeamDynamix to view project status as well as submit IT Project and work requests.


This User Guide is an overview for users responsible for submitting project requests.  These basic steps will help to guide users through the general process of submitting IT-related project requests in TeamDynamix.

Accessing TeamDynamix

TeamDynamix is accessed by using your web browser to enter the site:



(Click on the Client Portal link to continue to the log-in screen).




Users: this option is for the Approvers, Project Managers and other project team members who have role permission to create projects or edit the project information.


Client portal: this option gives the access to client view of the project.   If you are a resource on a project you can view and update your tasks or assignments.  Please choose this option if you would like to request an IT Project. 


Administrators: this option is reserved for Technology Services only.


The username and password for TeamDynamix should be synchronized with the Fresno State email address and password (SSO). Complete the login process by entering your username, password and clicking the LOGIN button.


Accessing the Service Home Page


You will be directed to the Service Catalog home page.  You can select the IT Project Request link or you can also go to the Services tab to see all services offered by Technology Services


The preferred and quickest way to access the IT Project Request form is by the following these instructions:


1)      Click on the IT Project Request link.


2)      Click on the Request Project button to access the form.


Creating a Project Request


3)      Enter the project information on the form.  Please provide as much detail as possible.  *Note:  when you get to the end of the form, scroll back up to the top and click Save





4)      When you get to the end of the form, Scroll up to the top of the form and Click Save. 

a.       After you click save you will have an opportunity to review the information you entered before you submit the form.

b.      You will also have the opportunity to upload files after you click Save.

Scroll to top of page and click Save

Submitting a Project Request

5)       After Saving the form you will see the next screen.  You can review and adjust the information you entered.  You also have the option of exiting the form after saving without submitting.  You can edit or complete it at a later date or time.

6)       You can opt to add files if you have them.  *Note, once you submit the form, you will no longer be able to make changes, unless the form is returned to you for additional information.

After Submitting the Form


1)      When the form is submitted it is automatically assigned into an approvals workflow.

The approver in the first step of the workflow is a Division Delegate and responsible for approving or denying your Divisions project requests.


The following workflow is built into the IT Project Request process:







Sponsor Approval

Division Delegate


Initial Review

Project Management Office


Assign to Business Analyst/Gather Requirements

PMO - Business Analyst


Follow-up/Review with PMO

Project Management Office


Cabinet Approval

Robert Presents to Cabinet


Final Approval

Cabinet has Approved and PMO determines timeline



After submitting your project request, you can check the status of your request


·         From the Services menu, click on Project Requests

·         You will see a list of all active projects and the status of those projects

·         You can also search by ticket number or on closed project requests






Division Delegate Approval


The Division Delegate can perform the following actions for each Project Request:




a.       Reject – Return to Previous Step (with comments)


·         This causes the request to return to the Requestor with a status of rejected.  The Requestor can re-submit if more information is required. 



b.      Forward Request

·         Request can go to another person, via email notification, for additional information.  The request stays in the Division Delegate’s workflow step

c.       Approve Step

·         The Request is approved to move forward in the workflow


1)      If the first step is approved, the PMO reviews and will assign someone to conduct the Business Analysis and Requirements Gathering in the next step. 


2)      The Analyst may need to call the requestor to get high-level business requirements and additional information about the project before reviewing their findings with the PMO. 


3)      The Analyst will upload any business requirements, additional business case documentation or other supporting documentation.


4)      The Analyst will then approve this step, reject to previous step or forward to another person for additional information.  The form stays in its’ current workflow step until the Analyst performs and action.


5)      The Analyst will conduct a Follow-Up review with the PMO.  The PMO may provide additional documentation, instructions or other high level details so that the Cabinet can approve based on the PMO’s recommendations.


6)      After Cabinet Approval, the PMO will review and identify timeline, resources and assign a project Manager.


More information about the Technology Services Project Management Office, (PMO)


If you would like more information about the PMO, please visit our website.


The PMO contact information is also on the main page of our website.  Feel free to provide feedback or call for help.


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