Managing Authentication for Large Public Zoom Events


Managing Authentication for Large Public Zoom Events


If you are hosting an event that requires more than 5 outside attendees, you can adjust the authentication requirements by disabling the authentication of an individual event. This is useful when you have large numbers of users who do not have a Fresno State email account.



It is the expectation that all meetings will have authentication enabled. Meetings that need 5 or fewer outside users should follow the following Knowledge Base article: Adding Authentication Exceptions for Zoom Meetings


By disabling the authentication requirements for a given event you are allowing users outside of Fresno State to join your meeting. Please consider using the Waiting Room option and/or the Meeting Password option to prevent unwanted participants from interrupting your Zoom meetings.



To remove the requirement that participants have to authenticate using a Fresno State email address, follow these steps.


STEP 1 - Navigate to the Fresno State campus Zoom portal. ( Click “Sign in”


STEP 2 - Once signed into your Zoom Profile, Click on the “Meetings” link on the left. (Option is also available when creating/editing meetings via the Zoom software client.)


STEP 3 - To create a new meeting, click “Schedule a New Meeting.”


STEP 4 - To open an existing meeting, hold your mouse over the name of the meeting and click the “Edit” button.


NOTE: If the meeting is a recurring event, make sure to choose to “Edit All Occurrences.”

STEP 5 - Scroll down the page of meeting details and uncheck the box for “Require authentication to join”


STEP 6 - Click “Save” at the bottom.


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