TFA - Submitter User Guide

Trust Fund Approval (TFA) Form


All Trust Funds must have a Trust Fund Approval (TFA) form submitted electronically to Accounting Services to be able to process any financial transactions (purchase requisitions, alterations, direct pays, travel, budget transactions, etc.).


Department ID’s listed on the TFA Form will allow all individuals listed on the Financial Signature Approval Form for each of those Departments to approve and sign for all financial transactions for that particular Trust Fund.


The new TFA form is located in OnBase Web Client, but can also be accessed through the “My Fresno State” portal.


How to Login to My Fresno State Portal:


1.   Go to  the My Fresno State portal, sign in with your login and password



2.  Click on the Forms Portfolio link under My Homepage



3.  Click on the Trust Fund Approval link, found under the Finance section.


How to Login to OnBase Web Client:

1.       Go to the OnBase Web Client link

NOTE:  Make sure the browser pop-up are not blocked.

2.       Type your Fresno State username and password, click the Login button. Duo Security authentication will be required if you have not logged into OnBase using the current browser.



How to Submit a Trust Fund Approval (TFA) form


1.       Go to Home page, click on the dropdown menu button at the top navigation bar.

2.       A side panel will expand. Click Open Status View.



3.       A new window will display, under the Group Layouts the default will be to Fresno State status view.  A side window will display and under Available Forms double click on the ACCT-Trust Fund Approval – TFA (UFW).

        4.   The Trust Fund Approval (TFA) form below will appear:



How to Complete a Trust Fund Approval (TFA) form


1.       Click “New” if this is a new fund that has not been set up in PeopleSoft.

2.       Click “Revised” if the fund has been set up in PeopleSoft even if no TFA has been submitted previously.

3.       If a previous TFA has been submitted, the fields will be automatically populated, but can be changed.

4.       Enter the Fund Name if a new fund.

5.       Enter the Fund number/name if an existing fund. A drop down menu will show when the number is entered. Click on the fund in the drop down menu to populate the fund number and name.

6.       Enter the Department number into the Org. ID# field.  The Org ID is a part of the PeopleSoft chartfield that defines the department associated with this fund.

7.       The Department Name will automatically fill in based upon the Org ID you entered.

8.       Describe the purpose of the fund.

9.       Describe where the funds will be received from that will be deposited into the account (source).

10.   Types of allowable expenditures has been prepopulated as follows: 

“Expenses allowed by applicable law, regulations and policy for this CSU fund type that support the purpose of the fund. Authoritative guidelines include the California Education Code, ICSUAM, California State University Executive Orders, California State University, Fresno policies, etc. (Note: alcohol is not an allowed expense)”.

Additional restrictions can be added as needed. This is an optional field on the TFA form.

11.   Indicate the reporting requirements, if any for this fund. If there are no reporting requirements, enter “NONE”.

12.   The start date will be the date the TFA was created. The end date must be entered. If the fund will be ongoing, mark the box “Indefinite” and leave the expiration date blank.

13.   Give instructions for the disposition of funds in the event the purpose of the trust fund is completed or should be closed.

14.   Identify any additional Department ID’s that are allowed to process financial transactions against this Trust Fund.  Note: All additional Department ID’s listed on the TFA Form will allow all individuals listed on the Financial Signature Approval Form for each of those Department ID’s the authority to approve and sign for all financial transactions on behalf of that particular Trust Fund.

15.   After completing the TFA, click on Save/Submit.

16.   The form will be submitted through OnBase Web Client.

17.   It will then be sent to the Dean/Director and VP for the Department responsible for this fund for approvals.

18.   Once approvals are completed, it will be sent to Accounting Services.

19.   If there are any changes or questions, the form may be returned to you for corrections. If that happens, you will receive an email and the form will appear in My Workitems in OnBase Web Client.

20.   You will receive an email notifying you that the form has been fully approved and processed.

21.   The TFA will be available as a .pdf in OnBase Web Client under Document Retrieval and ACCT-Trust Fund Approval – TFA (PDF).

22.   New funds could take up to five (5) days to be set up in PeopleSoft.

23.   You may see the status of the form you submitted at any time by going to the Document Retrieval and to ACCT-Trust Fund Approval – TFA (UFW).  Search by Process ID or Submitted by and under information will be available under Status.


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