Zoom Instructions for Google Calendar Add on

Zoom Instructions for Google Calendar Add on:


**Please make sure you are signed into a Fresno State Gmail account**


1.  Using Google Chrome, follow the link to the Zoom for GSuite plugin: Click here

2.  Click "Install"

3.  A popup will appear requesting permission, click “Continue”

4.  It will ask which gmail account you want to connect it to

5.  Select your work email

6.   A window will appear stating “Zoom for Google Calendar wants access to your Google Account”

7.  Scroll to the bottom and click “Allow”

8.  After you do this open your Google Calendar

9.  On the right side of your screen you will see the Zoom icon (you should also get a pop up message that says/shows you it has been installed)

10. Before scheduling any new Zoom meetings, please log in to https://fresnostate.zoom.us and confirm that your preferences and security settings are configured appropriately.. 

11.  Go into your Google Calendar and create a new meeting

12.  Under the "Event Details" section, below Location, you should see an icon of a video camera, with a drop down menu for you to select from. Most likely you will see your Google Hangout as your first option ("Hangouts Meet"), and Zoom as your second option (see screenshot #1 below)

13.  Once you select "Zoom meeting" it will automatically generate an ID and Password (see second screenshot #2 below)

14.  Configure additional settings using the “Zoom for GSuite” icon on the far right side of the meeting invite window. (see screenshot #3 and screenshot #4 below).

15.  Add your meeting participants like you normally would

16.  Send the meeting invite

Screenshot #1:



Screenshot #2:

Screenshot #3


Screenshot #4


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